City of Santa Maria


We believe in the value of teamwork and a spirit of cooperative effort from all employee levels within the organization.


We are committed to providing excellent service to the public in the most responsive, efficient, and effective manner.


We strive to treat all people with dignity, respect, and fairness. We believe that the employees of the City are our most valuable resource. Each employee's contribution is the key to our success.


We believe in simplicity, accuracy, and clarity in communications with the public and each other. We encourage the open exchange of ideas and information among all employees.


We are dedicated to high ethical and moral standards and uncompromising honesty in our dealing with the public and each other.


We are committed to a financially responsible local government, one that is cost conscious and concerned about the effective and efficient delivery of services to the public.


We believe in high professional standards and attitudes which dictate an objective analysis of issues, free of our personal biases.


We value innovation and creativity and support an orientation for change and reasonable risk-taking at all levels of the organization.


We strive to be a responsive City organization, dedicated to maintaining a well trained and competent work force that is in touch with the needs of the community to enhance the quality of life in our city.

City staff is pleased that you have selected Santa Maria for your business enterprise. The Department of Finance's staff is here to assist you through the business license process and strives to make the business license application process convenient and customer friendly for businesses coming into our City. City of Santa Maria staff recognizes that business owners have time, effort, money, and dreams invested in their business. City staff is committed to doing their part to help business owners meet their dreams for business success.

Questions are often asked on what is required for starting a business in the City of Santa Maria. This website should be helpful in providing some insight on things that you need to do when starting a business. The information is not all inclusive and additional inquiries should be directed to the Finance Division, Business License at (805) 925-0951 extension 2422. If you wish to visit the office in person, the Finance Division is located at 110 E. Cook Street, Room 6, Santa Maria, CA, 93454 . Office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

City Government is the true local government; it is closest to the people and voters. The government style in Santa Maria is organized to make this closeness most effective and efficient in rendering services to its people. The City of Santa Maria is a municipal corporation governed by an elected Council of five members. (Click photos for their webpages.)

The Council-Manager form of municipal government is used, with the policy being set by the elected body and carried out by an appointed City Manager. Policy setting is not an automatic process; it requires recognition of need, study of all essential facts, free exchange of ideas, and decision.

Councilmembers carry voter viewpoints from the idea phase to introduction, discussion, decision and action. The City Manager acts as legs and library for the Council, gathering facts, reporting and recommending. After the facts have been assembled, the Council makes a decision based upon their knowledge of the community and its people.

The Santa Maria City Government style will continue to be good, representative government and meet the challenges and problems of our day so long as there is strong interest and active participation on the part of the voting public.

The City Council is comprised of five members, one (1) Mayor and four (4) Councilmembers. The Mayor and the four members of the City Council are elected for 4-year terms by the electorate. The Mayor presides at Council meetings and serves as the executive and ceremonial host of our city government.

The City Council also serves as the governing board of the Parking Authority, and the Housing Advisory and Appeals Board.

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  • 210 Nicholson Ave
  • Santa Maria, CA 93454